The Rentcharge

As a condition of the sale, initial purchasers of a Sovereign Harbour residential properties are obliged to sign a Deed of Grant and Covenant which obliges them to pay the “Estate Rentcharge”.This is attached to the property deeds, so the obligation passes to all subsequent owners of the property, although a liability also remains with the initial purchaser, to pay if their successor does not do so. It is therefore important for home buyers to ensure their rentcharge has been registered on their legal title by their lawyer or whoever else has handled their purchase.

The requirement for an Estate Rentcharge arose from an agreement in 1988 between Southern Water Ltd and Tarmac Construction. At that time, Southern Water was responsible for coastal defences and Tarmac Construction was the owner of the Sovereign Harbour development site.

Later the Southern Water position was taken over by the Environment Agency when it was formed in 1995, and when Tarmac was taken over by Carillion plc its position passed to Sovereign Harbour Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary.

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Estate Rentcharge - Online Payment

You can pay your Estate Rentcharge online with any credit or debit card.

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Your three or four digit plot number is the payment reference. Your plot number is unique to your property and appears at the end of our reference on your annual invoice. If you own more than one property subject to the rent charge, you will need to make a separate payment for each.

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Refund Policy: The Payment of the Estate Rentcharge is non-refundable except in case of manifest error.

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