CIC relationship with the Environment Agency

Following formation of Sovereign Harbour Trust in 2001, it was one of the parties to an agreement with the Environment Agency (see “About”). In 2007 the Trust transferred its rights and obligations under that agreement to the CIC. The CIC’s relationship with the Agency is therefore based around that agreement. The Agency no longer has representation on the board of the Trust or the CIC, having indicated it no longer wished to nominate board members. In about June each year the CIC provides an annual computation of the net available SW Charge funds to the Agency and pays over 50% of the available balance. The latest computation can be found here [link to the Payment Cascade as shown on the Documents page of the site]

In return for the payment the Agency has agreed to maintain the Sea Defences at Sovereign Harbour, albeit without accepting a contractual obligation to do so. Therefore there is no direct link between the amount paid and cost of work carried out, with the result that home owners at Sovereign Harbour know that although their annual liability is capped the amount and cost of maintenance of the Sea Defence work is not.

Environment Agency relationship with Pevensey Coastal Defence Ltd (PCDL)

PCDL is a so called special purpose company, formed for the specific purpose of maintaining the sea defences at Pevensey Bay, extending to the frontage of Sovereign Harbour. More information can be found at PCDL - Pevensey Coastal Defence Ltd (

In effect the Environment Agency has delegated its sea defence activities in the specific area to PCDL. The CIC enjoys a good relationship with PCDL. A quarterly report on the various aspects of the state of repair of the sea defences at Sovereign Harbour is provided to the CIC by PCDL. At least annually a representative of PCDL attends a CIC board meeting to provide additional feedback about the sea defences.

For more information about the Marina Charge click here.

CIC relationship with Premier Marinas Ltd

The Marina company owns and operates the marina infrastructure including the waterways and lock gates. The design of the marina recognised that if flooding occurred the waterways and lock gates and outer harbour would provide an effective means of draining flood water and therefore that the integrity of the whole development depended on those areas functioning as intended. Premier undertakes repairs and maintenance of the whole of them, subject to the cost of certain elements being reimbursed by a contribution toward the cost from a share of the SW charge and of specified other elements by means of the Marina Charge. The elements of cost which comprise the Marina Charge are defined in the rentcharge deeds. The Marina Charge calculation is produced by Premier Marinas and is then subject to audit by external accountants.

The CIC collects the Marina Charge on behalf of the marina company, in effect acting as a collection agency for the marina company. The CIC plays no part in the computation of the charge.

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